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The elephant is a symbol of good luck and wisdom and this beautiful, majestic animal emits a kindness and strength that will add a wonderful energy to your home. Because of its strength, size and physical power, the elephant has also come to symbolize protection and stability. You can often see a pair of elephants at the entrance of buildings, temples or businesses in many parts of Asia. Within your own home you could place a pair or set of elephants within your main entrance area. This does not have to be a dramatic arrangement, you could simply place an elephant figurine or small statue on a side table in an entrance. You could also add an elephant decor item or two to your study or child's bedroom to activate the energy of learning and curiosity. Many cultures also believe the elephant to be a symbol of fertility and when added to a room for this purpose, the elephant generally has the trunk down to store and accumulate energy. There is still much debate over the trunk up or down with elephant décor – many believe the trunk up to represent good luck but we will leave it up to each individuals own tastes and beliefs to decide their views on this! As with the use of any feng shui symbol - be it a deity, a flower, an animal or a bird - first be guided by your own intuition, your own likes and dislikes. There are no strict rules for good feng shui when it comes to decorating your house with specific symbols other than your genuine liking of the symbol.

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