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Mint Homewares

Mint is such a delightful shade, soothing, calming and fresh. Not to be confused with aqua, mint has more of a pastel hue and is now popping up everywhere in home decor items. One of the great things about mint is that it can be paired with so many other colours. For example, if you have an all white look, a few pops of mint accent pieces can add a splash of colour and freshness whilst still keeping a very clean look. An all white bedroom could add a soft, mint throw at the end of the bed and a patterned mint accent pillow. Mint can also be teamed with pink either in pastel shades or bright, hot pinks. Mix mint in with other pastels for a soft, feminine look that will create a beautiful relaxed feel. Mint is no longer just a colour for a nursery (when you don't know if you're having a boy or girl!) but a very popular decorating hue that can revitalise a room and really add a cool splash of personality. We hope you love our range of mint home decor items.

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