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Styling Tips & Ideas

Moroccan Pewter Photo Frame

There are no rules in interior decorating, no one can tell you how to decorate your own home but there are some helpful tips and ideas that you may find useful...so here they are (in no particular order)......

1. A collection of various candles in one spot creates a really homey feel to any room. Place the candles on a silver ........

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Colour Mood Boards

Mood Board

Need some inspiration with choosing items in your favourite colours? Check out these mood boards in our current best selling colours...

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Rustic Teal

Before deciding on a colour for your accent pieces, you may wish to find out a bit more about the meaning and emotional benefits of each colour, rather than just choosing them purely for decoration. When looking at colours have a think about which colours give you energy, comfort or a feeling of calm and then decide what you are looking for, and find ways to then work these colours into your space.

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Marco Lanterns Yellow

Accent colour - a colour that is used sparingly in a room or space to add life to a colour scheme. Usually a brighter and more vivid colour, but an accent colour can also be a neutral.

Accessories – small objects such as vases, books, lamps, statues and sculptures used to adorn and personalise a room.

Antique finish - a paint or stain finish applied to an object, then wiped away to give an aged appearance

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