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About Us

The Chic Nest is a proudly Australian family owned and operated online homewares store run by husband and wife duo, Michelle and Gareth Reynolds. We are dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable home decor items that are perfectly suited to Australian homes and our way of life.  We are based in Perth, WA and ship our homeware products Australia wide directly from our warehouse to you. 

At The Chic Nest, we believe that your home is your sanctuary, it is there to cocoon you, energise you, inspire you, but most importantly, expresses something about who you are.

Our journey in the homewares industry began 8 years ago when we owned & operated a retail furniture and homewares store. This started our love of wood furniture and recycled furniture items made from old Indian and Indonesian gates, carvings, tree roots etc. We also had a real passion for homewares and home décor and loved hand selecting our product ranges and creating home décor settings within our store. After several years running the store, we learnt many new things and received such great feedback from our customers regarding our range that we decided to take our store to a wider audience. This is where The Chic Nest Online Homewares concept began.

Our customers in the store would often ask “what colour goes with this?” or “what else would go with this vase?” or “I like this but I’m not sure what to put with it?” This is where our idea to include Styled Settings and the feature “Looks great with” came from. We’ve also included styling tips and ideas which we update and refresh as the season, styles and trends change.

We want to make your online homewares shopping experience as easy as possible, so we have designed our site to provide you with unique shopping options such as shop by colour, shop by room, shop by occasion, shop by product, shop by style and shop by priceOur Homewares & Gift collections are creative, diverse, colourful and always carefully chosen with an eye for quality. We are constantly introducing new products and our homewares range includes vases, photo frames, figurines, cushions, kitchenware, giftware, candles, ceramics, wall art and much more. Our love of travel has led to a passion for hand made items. Much of our range is dedicated to hand crafted items that are free trade and often utilise recycled materials.

At The Chic Nest, our aim is to provide you with an extensive selection of beautiful homewares online to bring your home décor ideas to life and help feather your nest.

We want you to truly enjoy browsing through our range of homewares and gifts and we are thrilled to have you visiting our nest. 

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products or service so please feel free to contact us at info@thechicnest.com.au or on 1300 887 931. We'd love to hear from you!

Michelle & Gareth Reynolds
The Chic Nest
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Michelle and Gareth Reynolds

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