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Why flamingos are absolutely fabulous!

Posted on October 17 2018

We often hear the word “fabulous” used when describing flamingos, so what is it that we love so much about this bird?

Well for starters, the flamingo is one beautiful bird. It is pink… there are not many pink creatures in the animal kingdom so their colour alone makes them pretty special.  The flamingo has gorgeous feathers, a long slender neck, long skinny legs that go on forever and an amazing silhouette. Their faces are beautiful too, their beak is a stunning black that contrasts against the pink colouring.

They are a graceful bird, they can stand on one leg (so a balanced bird!) for long periods of time and don’t rush around to get across the water but instead step gracefully across by moving slowly and carefully. Think of it like walking with beautiful high heels!

Flamingos are not born with their fabulous colour but get their colour from the food that they eat. If they don’t eat the right foods, they will stay white. Flamingos need to eat the right diet to look their best!

The flamingo is a social animal…flamingos form some of the biggest flocks on the planet. They are an extremely social bird so we tend to associate this bird with our social side and gathering in groups for fabulous occasions. A typical flamingo colony can be anywhere from 200 to thousands of these colourful birds. The word flamingo comes from the Spanish and Portuguese flamengo which literally means "flame-colored." (The same word which gives us flamenco.)  A flock of flamingos is called a “flamboyance” (how great is that name!!). I imagine this is because of their flamboyant appearance (a flock of flamingos is also known as a stand, colony, or regiment, but those word descriptions just don’t do these amazing birds justice). We are going to go with a flamboyance…

The flamingo is not afraid to stand out in a crowd….with their beautiful bold pink shades, flamingos certainly stand out in the animal kingdom so many of us would love this about the flamingo. They stand out, are unique and have a great style. This is a bird that immediately catches your eye and this is probably one of the reasons why we, as humans are drawn to them.

The flamingo is an equal opportunity bird! Both the male and female flamingo contribute to building their nests and both genders look after and defend their nest. As if we needed any more reasons to love this beautiful bird!

So next time you ask yourself what is it with flamingos and why are so many people obsessed with them, remember they are beautiful, social, unique, stylish creatures. Their looks, traits and behaviours are fascinating in many ways so embrace your inner flamingo and enjoy the beauty of this amazing bird!

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