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Kangaroo Pocket Totem - Courage, Energy & Resillience

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This beautiful Kangaroo Pocket Totem has been designed to be the ultimate pocket-sized keepsake for someone special. Each Pocket Totem includes a soild brass ornament and a heartfelt message card within a matching bag.  Each statue has been crafted in brass with fine detail.

The message in this pocket totem reads: 

"The kangaroo is a symbol of strength, stamina and boundless energy. Known for its resilience, courage and spirit of adventure, the kangaroo will remind you to tackle challenges head on, leap forward in life, be brave and never give up."

The perfect little gift idea for someone special in your life. 

  • Includes brass kangaroo figurine, bag and meaningful message card
  • Height of kangaroo = 4cm
  • Width of kangaroo = 3.2cm
  • Material = brass
  • Weight = 21g