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Five Elements Incense - Water 37 Stick Pack

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Premium incense sticks in a beautiful gift ready tube including a ceramic incense holder inside.

Classic honeysuckle, jasmine & magnolia blooms sweetened with vanilla bean and toffee.

A person with a balance of this element is influential, insightful, clear minded & flexible.

Perfect for burning during your meditation and yoga practice, for space clearing or for relaxation to unwind after a long day!

Ancient Chinese culture recognise the five elements of life - Earth, Fire, Water, Wood & Metal.  These incense sticks represent the aroma of these elements.


  • 37 sticks per packet
  • Includes ceramic incense holder within cylinder tube
  • Made in Australia
  • Cosmetic grade fragrance
  • Premium extruded wooden sticks with a stronger scent throw
  • Each stick burns for approx 1 hour