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Pineapples - the new decor trend

Pineapples are definitely popping up everywhere in the world of home decorating..

The pineapple has a long and charming history going back to colonial times where it was seen as the fruit of the wealthy Pineapple Jarsand guests were delighted when this fruit was served to them. It then became a fruit that was served in regular homes as an expensive dessert for guests and was seen as very indulgent. The pineapple was also used as a gift to be brought to the hostess when entertaining guests. This is where the history of the pineapple as a welcoming icon associated with warmth and great hospitality began.

Since then, pineapples have become a much loved decorating item seen on everything from tea towels to t-shirts to oven mitts and lamps. The pineapple symbol basically says “Welcome” when used in your home. This juicy trend of using pineapples in home décor is hotter than ever right now and has definitely become a styling favourite. Its quirky shape and bright colours bring a retro feel to any room whilst its tropical background adds warmth and sunshine.

Although super popular right now, in truth the pineapple seems to transcend trends and has been around and will continue to be around for many years to come.

So why not add a slice of hospitality to your home with some pineapple décor.

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