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Why are Christmas gnomes so popular?

Posted on November 05 2021

Christmas gnomes have made a big splash again this year and come in many forms from gnome LED lights, gnome bowls, gnome figurines and hanging ornaments. As it turns out, Christmas gnomes actually come to us from a Scandinavian tradition. 

nisse (gnome) is a mythological creature from Nordic folklore today typically associated with the Christmas season. They are generally described as being short, having a long white beard, and wearing a conical or knit cap in grey, red or any bright colour. They often have an appearance somewhat similar to that of a common garden gnome, although they usually have their eyes covered with their cap. Although small in stature, gnomes are said to have great strength and are great protectors but can also be a little bit mischievious.

We have always known and loved the elves who live and work at the North Pole with Santa but unlike the elves, the Christmas gnomes are said to pop out from forest niches on Christmas Day and walk to the front door of homes to hand deliver presents. Children leave a bowl of porridge out for the Christmas gnomes, and in return, they brings presents to their front door.

The Christmas gnomes do bear quite a resemblance to traditional Santa so they are becoming increasingly popular each year at Christmas time. Not only do they resemble Santa but they are just very, very cute as well. 

Gnomes are also said to bring us good luck, happiness, warmth and a little bit of magic! Gnomes guard homes and protect the people within the home from any misfortune. Legend says, that you need to be nice to them so they are nice back.

We have got a great range of gnome Christmas items available on the website right now....from gnome trinket dishes, to gnome LED lights, gnome signs and soft, plush gnomes. We also have a super cute range of gnome pot sitters for your pot plants. These are not only cute but the gnomes are said to bring good luck and stimulate healthy plant growth, so these are perfect for any gardener!

Add a gnome or two to your home this Christmas season or perhaps surprise a friend or loved one with a gnome gift.

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