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Why we love mint green?

Posted on April 25 2018

Why we love the colour mint?

We’ve seen a huge surge in popularity in all things mint in the last year or so.. so why do we love this colour so much?

Well, mint is a calming and peaceful colour which can have a therapeutic effect in home décor.  It can instantly freshen up a room and add cheer and lightness.

Mint is a versatile hue that can be mixed with a tonne of other colours. Even some shades you would not expect to work, can look great with mint green. It is pretty easy to decorate with mint green because it does pair so well with other colours, in just about any room.

Mint itself has many hues. There are light and dark mint tones, more pastel tones or bolder shades of mint. Mint is often confused with aqua, teal or turquoise too.  Teal is a darker blue-green, turquoise is more blue than green, aqua is a softer blue-green and mint has much more green than any of these! Confused?! At the end of the day, just pick tones that you like – it doesn’t really matter what the actual colour is called!

What colours can you mix with mint?

Blush & MintMint looks great combined with white for a relaxed, comfortable style. It has a summery feel that is fresh and inviting. It is a crisp, clean combo.

Mint is also marvellous with blush pink. The cool tones of mint mixed with the warmth of blush create a lovely colour clash.

Now grey and mint are also a gorgeous combo – we absolutely love grey and have used it throughout our own home as a base colour.  If you want to soften the look, use lighter greys rather than darker shades.

For a slightly edgy look, mix mint with black. This will create a more sophisticated, rather than relaxed look.

Mint is also great with copper, rose gold and gold décor items and fixtures and fittings. Although mint can work with silver/chrome, the coppers and golds give it a much warmer look. You wouldn’t think so, but mint always pairs well with coral or reds. The reds and corals add an energy to the look and you end up with a fresh and energised colour palette. If you’re looking to add a bit of fruity punch to a room, add mint with another bright colour such as coral or orange. Mint and aqua tones also work well together and create a fun look for any room.

Will mint stick around?

Although mint is very on trend right now, it is safe to say it will be around for a long time to come. It is always a lovely colour that will never go out of style. If you’re nervous about adding mint to your home, start off with a few cushions or a few small décor items. Besides, you should always choose colours and styles that you love, who cares about the trends!

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