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Friendship Balls

Show a friend how much you care with the unique gift of a Friendship Ball! These stunning Friendship Balls have been hand made and mouth blown to create a one of a kind piece, perfect for your one of a kind friend!

Comes in an attractive gift box and includes a silver metal stand and positive affirmation card. The affirmation card included with each gift boxed ball reads:

"The offering of a Friendship Ball is an old tradition symbolising a deep friendship between two people. The ball is round and therefore has no beginning and no end. It is ageless and timeless like true friends. Sitting in the sunlight, it sparkles the way a good friend does. The colours dance across the surface of the ball enhancing one another just like different personalities enhance each other. The glass balls are hand blown and each is unique representing how no two friends are alike."

Now also available as a Mother Friendship Ball with a special affirmation card just for mums!

Please note as these items have been hand made with love, each piece is unique and so colours and patterns can vary. Various depths of colour are found with each ball design. 

Let us send a Friendship Ball gift directly to your friend, mum or loved one! Each one comes gift boxed and gift wrapped and we never include prices or invoices with the order. Just enter the shipping name and address of the recipient and we'll take care of the rest for you! You can even include a gift note message with your order at checkout.

For more information about Friendship Balls, read our FAQ page here.

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