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So just how many cushions do you need on the couch?

Posted on August 17 2017

So just how many cushions do you need on the couch?

Well, the answer here firstly depends if you are a male or a female.  Ask a male and they will tell you either none or one plain, comfy cushion (no patterns, fur, texture, metallic, beads etc) that is purely there to rest  your head on i.e. no decorative value whatsoever.  Ask a female and you are likely to get a very different answer! I cannot tell you how many times my husband has questioned how many cushions are on the couch or complained that there is no room to sit with all the cushions. He is also particularly averse to cushions that are furry or fluffy, or have any type of beaded or tassel detail to them.

But now isn’t the time for us to go into details explaining the differences between males and females so we’re just going to assume that if you’re reading on further, chances are, you are female so we’ll continue on from the female angle.

So back to the big many cushions are too many, or how many cushions are not enough? There are so many different answers to this question and at the end of the day, as with all home decorating decisions, it comes down to your own taste. After all, you are the one that has to live there. But on saying that,  if you are looking for some ideas on arrangements that seem to work or just want some inspiration, here are a few ratios:

    • The 2:2:1 ratio – start with placing the two largest cushions on either end of the couch resting against the arm. Tip: Always start from the outside of the couch and work your way in when arranging cushions. Then place the next two largest cushions, one on each side, overlapping the outer cushions (not in front of, but overlapping). Finally, take the smaller single accent cushion and place it in the centre (the cushions should all be overlapping each other so that there is no empty space on the couch). If your couch is a bit longer, another option is to go 2:2:2 so there are two smaller accent cushions in the middle. 

    • The casual arrangement – for a more relaxed vibe, try grouping cushions at one end of the couch, rather than using a symmetrical look on both ends of the couch. The casual looks usually works best in groups of odd numbers, so try 3 or 5, depending on the size of your couch. For a more formal look, even numbers of cushions can be used as this tends to look a bit more planned and organised.

  • In terms of actual numbers of cushions per couch, three  or four are probably enough for a 2 seater couch while a larger three seater couch could hold five or six. However, once again, there are no hard and fast rules for arranging cushions. Experiment with your cushions to see what works best for your space and style. Mix and match sizes, textures, shapes and fabrics to add interest and dimension to the look.

Now,  I am never one to walk away from purchasing a beautiful cushion, you could say I have a cushion addiction but really, there is no better way to liven up your living room or change the whole look and feel so easily, then by adding or replacing your cushions.  So my husband and I will just have to continue to agree to disagree on the number of cushions on the couch, the type of cushions on the couch and how often I feel the strong urge to change them!! Let's not even get started here on what he thinks about the number of cushions on our bed....

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