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What is a Friendship Ball and why they are the perfect gift!

Posted on June 26 2018

Friendship Balls are beautiful mouth blown glass ornaments with a wonderful sentiment behind them. Traditionally they were made from leftover glass at the end of a shift by glass blowers and given to friends and family as tokens of friendship and good luck.

These beautiful and decorative Friendship Balls can be positioned on any surface but look particularly beautiful when placed somewhere where they can catch the light to really show off their wonderful colours. Each Friendship Ball is hand made and blown by mouth using recycled glass making each friendship ball different.

They make fantastic gifts for friends or family to show how much you care. Just like friends, each one is unique! Skilled craftsmen have created each one of a kind piece, perfect for your one of a kind friend!

Friendship Balls are known by many names including fairy balls, witches balls, spiritual balls, ornamental balls and kugel balls.

The perfect gift idea for someone special, these beautiful hand made pieces come in an attractive gift box and include a silver metal stand and positive affirmation card.

The affirmation card included with each gift boxed ball reads:

"The offering of a Friendship Ball is an old tradition symbolising a deep friendship between two people. The ball is round and therefore has no beginning and no end. It is ageless and timeless like true friends. Sitting in the sunlight, it sparkles the way a good friend does. The colours dance across the surface of the ball enhancing one another just like different personalities enhance each other. The glass balls are hand blown and each is unique representing how no two friends are alike."

So if you are looking for a gift for a wonderful friend, perhaps someone who already has everything and is difficult to buy for, or someone that is just truly unique or maybe a friend that you need to let know how special they are to you, then these one of a klnd Friendship Balls may be the perfect gift idea for you!

To view our range of Friendship Balls, visit here.


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  • Raelene Wheatley: October 17, 2019

    Hi, I ordered a friendship ball for my friend she opened it today & absolutely loved it… thankyou very much it is gorgeous 😊

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