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  • How To Choose The Perfect Gift

    Jun 01 2024

    Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend, family member or loved one? Look no further! Finding the ideal gift can be a da...

  • What your dog breed says about you?

    May 09 2024

     We are huge dog lovers here at The Chic Nest..we have 3..two miniature schnauzers and a chocolate we are super interested i...

  • Why you should be choosing perfume oils over traditional perfume.

    Jun 26 2023

    WHY OILS?Traditional perfumes and colognes as we know them, are comprised of at least 80 to 90% alcohol content. The alcohol acts as the ...

  • The Power of Crystals

    Mar 31 2023

    Crystals are a group of minerals that are said to have healing powers when we touch them. Crystals are believed to emit positive, uplifti...

  • Rosie Made A Thing

    Jul 03 2022

    Rosie Made a Thing creates funny, design-led greeting cards and coasters featuring quirky characters & cheeky humour. Inspired by the...